The Science of Wellbeing and Performance made Actionable

Diane Stark, MS, PhD


Diane is a biomedical scientist, corporate consultant and founder of Inspire Health,social enterprise that uses science and design to help people who are doing high demand work build small but impactful habits that cultivate wellbeing and performance.  She has 30 years of private and public sector experience in health science.  Early in her career she conducted medical research in the public sector at the National Institutes of Health (NIMH), the former Institute of Virology (IVEM) at Oxford University, and policy research at the US Agency for International Development in DC. Later, she worked for a series of high profile, early stage biomedical companies both as an employee and as a consultant, establishing R&D operations and leading all aspects of discovery across several therapeutic areas.  She received her PhD from UC Berkeley studying the biology and epidemiology of viruses, her Masters in international development from UC Davis, her Bachelors in biology from Villanova.   She has advanced executive training in leadership development and coaching.  

More about Diane

I am a scientist who is broadly trained.  My work has spanned academic and applied research in disease, diagnostics and prevention across several different therapeutic indications.  It has also afforded me the opportunity to work in different roles within very different organizations and to experience the challenges of each - challenges, I will add, that my formal training in the sciences did not prepare me for.  Having constructive difficult conversations, championing change, unifying, lifting and galvanizing people around a shared purpose, finding a way to balance the ever increasing and fragmenting volume of work - are skills.  I struggled, as did the organizations that I worked for.  They were full of bright, well-educated, self-motivated people working on innovative, technically challenging problems.  Those problems always got solved.  They were also people who had very different values, beliefs and behaviors working under tremendous, sometimes self-imposed, stress.  Those challenges were often fatal for people, teams, projects and even the organization.  Inspire Health grew out of my translational research on wellbeing, connecting the dots between biology and behavior, physiology and psychology, physiological stress and psychological safety.  It also grew from my desire to find ‘elegant’ approaches to fostering human potential in the workplace.  An ‘elegant’ approach, in science-speak, is one that is economical and imaginative, often breathtakingly simple once explained and always incredibly powerful.

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