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Courses for professionals 

These courses are designed for professionals, therapists, social workers, healthcare workers who are interested in learning more about the biology of the mind and behavior - a mechanistic, neurophysiological perspective on psychology.  They are delivered as interactive webinars that include time for questions and discussion, as well as resources for self-study.

The science of mindfulness

This course looks at mindfulness and mindfulness-based psychotherapies through the lens of physiology.  It unpacks components of mindfulness practices and maps them to biological models.  The course addresses the question "What are the bioactive ingredients of these practices and how can they strengthen brain and body health and performance?"

The science of thriving: connecting the dots 

This course integrates research across many traditional silos from molecular to behavioral sciences, outlining a biological framework for mind-body wellbeing that is emerging from convergent evidence.  The framework has prescriptive implications for mind and body health, as well as mental agility and aging.

Toxic stress, the brain and body

This course is designed for professionals working in caring professions (clinicians therapists, social workers, healthcare professionals).   

Neuorscience meets psychology:  cool stuff

This course, which is presented at the introductory level, is a fun way to learn some advanced neuroscience.  It covers technologies that have the potential to fundamentally change the way that psychiatry is practiced, and selected topics that are in the news.

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